SFR Duck Formula, 8 oz.

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Complete & Balanced Meals, simply defrost & serve with love! "These complete & balanced diets are based on my very own recipe/diet plan that I've developed and fed for over two decades to my own dogs. I feel really good bringing this wholesome, exceptionally nutritious food to market. These formulas are balanced and nutritionally sound to feed 'as is' in rotation with other wholesome foods for variety." -Kasie Maxwell, SFRAW Founder. Formulas are made of: 90-95% Local, truly pastured, certified organic and/or hormone/antibiotic-free & range-free USDA inspected meat/bones/organs/seafood (Pacific Oysters or Sardines); 2.5-5% SFRAW Certified organic low-glycemic green veggies & truly pastured raw goat milk; 2.5-5% Certified organic whole food supplements (seasonal herbs, seaweeds, carob, pumpkin seeds, apple cider vinegar, organic Red Palm Oil for natural antioxidants and natural Vitamin C with bioflavonoids).