Layne Labs

Layne Labs breeds animals specifically for zoos, wildlife rehabilitators, reptile breeders and hobbyists. Our mice and rats are housed and bred in a United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) licensed 60,000 sq. ft. facility in Arroyo Grande, California. We’re fanatical about sanitation, animal nutrition, and providing a healthy living environment. Our facility is fully automated to control temperature, humidity, light cycles, and water availability.  That means all of our animals (in every cage, every room, and every building) has a constant flow of fresh air, clean drinking water, fresh food, clean dry bedding, natural night and day light cycles, and peace and quiet. Every cage is cleaned and inspected daily. We euthanize our animals quickly and humanely in a carbon dioxide chamber, tuck their legs and tails neatly underneath their body and freeze them immediately. When completely frozen, they are counted into re-closable freezer bags and stored properly to prevent freezer burn. What that means for you is a healthier animal, high in nutritional value, and more robust in size.