Raw Feeding & Naturally Rearing Cats & Dogs Since 1989! (Yes, for over 30 years!)

SFRAW was founded in 2003 by an idealist with the goal to help animals, humans, and the environment by improving the health and wellness of all beings through nutrition and natural husbandry.

SFRAW is a member-supported community of people that feed raw or cooked fresh food diets to their pets.

We offer our own brand of expertly developed unique locally-made pet treats, prepared raw pet foods, herbals, supplements, and natural remedies (SFRAW Apothecary line).

If you feed raw, cooked, prey-model, BARF or other styles of fresh food DIY based diets, we have a HUGE variety of high quality meats, bones, offal, prepared foods, seafood, seasonal products, books, sundries & supplements.

Our inventory includes a well-curated selection of exceptionally high quality, unadulterated, truly wholesome, nourishing, nutrient dense, whole food ingredients.

Ask about our "time-saver", a la carte, and budget-friendly options to prepare custom, balanced meals at home.

With a focus on local, wild, heritage, pasture-raised, grass-finished and organic producers, SFRAW has every animal’s best interest at heart. SFRAW supports local family farms that practice humane, organic, sustainable, and pastured farming methods.


Please visit us any time - we're OPEN to the PUBLIC 7-days/week!

* Continuing support, mentoring & education
* Nutritional Consulting, Personal Shopping & Custom Menu Preparation Services available
* No minimum purchase requirements

* Non-members are welcome to shop at the retail rate any day
* Members enjoy a 30% discount on all purchases, every time
* 10% off discount applied to bulk cases on SFRAW products and select items
* FRESH BULK DISCOUNT DEAL: Members enjoy an additional 10% off SFRAW's Grinds/Formulas through our weekly BYOC/U-Pack program
* Members may place reservations/orders (within our order cut-off/pick-up schedule)
* Members may participate in volunteer-run FREE deliveries to designated order pickup locations in Marin, Santa Rosa, Oakland, San Jose

SFRAW (ESTABLISHMENT #A-281) is a California Department of Food & Agriculture Department Licensed & Inspected Facility.

Mission Statement

We have maintained an unwavering dedication to the following founding mission and guiding principles:

To give thoughtful consideration to and conduct business in a manner that honors the health and well-being of all species (human, wild, farm and domestic animals);

To be a discriminating purveyor of high-quality, ethically produced, truly wholesome & pure, genuinely natural foods & lifestyle products;

To develop and produce the best wholesome raw pet foods and truly natural pet products with a focus on using pastured, organic, local, sustainable, wild-crafted ingredients;

To provide these products and services at a fair cost to both the consumer and supplier;

To support outstanding ranches, farms, small businesses and individuals that work hard to produce products with integrity and honor;

To unite a diverse community that share a common interest in wholesome foods & Natural Rearing; To cultivate a compassionate and informed community that educate, inspire, and support one another;

To mentor through education about feeding whole fresh food diets to pets and Natural Rearing principles.