Triple Threat - 1/2 Garden Size Combo

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A unique three species pack of beneficial living nematodes for use around your home and garden to control BOTH fleas & ticks.  The brand we carry is ARBICO ORGANICS and we’re offering the Triple Threat Combo Packs for 1/2 garden size applications.

This combination pack will help control multiple stages of development – larvae, pupae and adult stages of fleas and the egg, nymph and adult stages of ticks.

1/2 Garden Size = 5 million Nematodes. Treats approx. 1,600 sq. ft. 

Nematodes are living, microscopic organisms. They need to be applied while still alive and handled with a lot of care. We are having them shipped overnight and will store them in the walk-in cooler/cooler display. The company has assured me that they will be viable for up to 10-14 days when stored in this manner. We recommend applying them within a few days of purchasing because the sooner you get them into the garden environment, the more viable and effective they will be.

This is an exceptional product that I strongly recommend for all of our members that have any outdoor space (even small patios) as a critical component of your flea (and tick) control/prevention program. What’s wonderful about this product specifically is it kills all life stages of the fleas AND TICKS. Most nematodes do not control ticks at all, so this is a very unusual and unique aspect of this product – will be great for people living in areas outside San Francisco proper.

Now is the time to apply the nematodes – many of you experienced terrible flea issues last October, and this is why I’ve decided to bring this product on for the benefit of the group. I think if we all follow along with a regular application program, we can enjoy a flea-free (or greatly reduced/manageable) season this Fall and, if we stick with a regular natural flea prevention program, we can even prevent fleas in our households through next year and beyond.

Even if you don’t have fleas now, I recommend that you apply nematodes now (and 3-4 times a year) to prevent fleas. If you are struggling with fleas now, you need nematodes ASAP, and should be applying them every two weeks until there are no fleas on your pets or in your home/garden.

To learn about our time-tested, totally safe, actually effective 100% chemical free = 100% flea free protocol, please check out our blog post about this topic here: 


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100% Non-Toxic, Biological Flea & Tick Control Program: Beneficial Nematodes Really Work!


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