SFRAW Beef Patty Stuffed Trachea, by the lb

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It's a Meal! It's a Treat! Cartilage Rich Meal is Great for Joints! SFRAW Stuffed Raw Beef Tracheas are a fun, and more time-consuming way to feed your dog or cat ground meals. Many dogs/cats eat their food so quickly, they don't get to enjoy their meals as they should. Providing them with a more complicated edible option slows them down and provides them with a more interesting and engaging dining experience! We take fresh, raw beef tracheas and stuff then with a blend of meat/organs; veggie free, dairy free, nothing else added. Feed fresh or frozen. Please remember to always supervise your pet's carefully whenever feeding raw meaty bones; these are not meant to be fed unsupervised. Best for small to large sized dogs; giant dogs can enjoy these treats only if they are not gulpers and will take the time to work on them a bit before swallowing. Ingredients: Raw, Local, Truly Pastured Beef Trachea Stuffed w/ BEEF Patty Mix (70% muscle; 15% fat; 25% liver/kidney/spleen/heart); 100% Marin Sun Farms Sourced; Balanced Meat/Organ/Calcium Ratio. FEEDING: Complete and balanced meal for dogs and cats. Feed 2% of your pet?s ideal body weight per day. HANDLING: KEEP FROZEN UNTIL USE. Defrost under 40 degrees (do not use oven or microwave); feed or refreeze within 2 days. NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION: PROCESSED WITH LOVE & CARE BY SFRAW, IN OUR VERY OWN CDFA STATE LICENSED & INSPECTED FACILITY (ESTABLISHMENT NO. A-281)

SFRAW Brand 100% Money Back, No Hassle Guarantee + Return/Exchange Policy: All of the products that we make at SFRAW (SFRAW brand/made products) come with a 100% guarantee with a full refund or exchange happily provided, for any reason. Note: We will not/do not resell returned perishable products; we donate any returns to local rescues or others in need.