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Reduces Diarrhea Caused by Antibiotics, C. difficile and E. coli

Powerful blend of prebiotics and probiotics designed to stop occasional diarrhea flare-ups.

Gut Maintenance Plus Active Ingredients:

  • Saccharomyces boulardii (S. boulardii)
  • MannanOligoSaccharides (MOS)
  • PreForPro(TM)

Saccharomyces boulardii (S. boulardii pronounced "ess-boo-lar-dee") is a yeast-based probiotic first described in 1920 and the subject of over 250 peer-reviewed articles. S. boulardii has been shown to resolve diarrhea caused by antibiotics. (Czeruka et al.). More recently, researchers found that in dogs with chronic enteropathy, adding S. boulardii to the standard treatment resolved diarrhea within 5 days. (D'Angleo et al.)

Because probiotics like S. boulardii do better when accompanied by the food they like to eat (prebiotics) Gut Maintenance Plus also contains MOS. MOS is derived from the cell wall of Saccharomyces cerevisiae (commonly known as brewer’s yeast) and has been shown to improve intestinal health and work synergistically with S. boulardii. (Spring et al.).

PreforPro is a prebiotic bacteriophage cocktail that prepares the gut to ensure healthy probiotic bacteria have room to flourish. Developed and patented by Deerland Enzymes, more than 20 studies have been performed to confirm the safety and efficacy of PreforPro in humans.

AnimalBiome has been recommending these ingredients to our customers since 2018 with very positive results and created this proprietary blend to make it easier for our customers to get all three ingredients in one bottle at doses more appropriate for cats and dogs.


Is this supplement right for my pet?

This supplement is intended to help rebalance and support a healthy microbiome. Specifically, it helps reduce populations of Clostridium and E coli bacteria, both of which can contribute to health problems when they are present in large numbers. Prior to using the supplement, we recommend testing your pet’s microbiome with a Gut Health Test.  

This supplement is not recommended for pets who experience constipation.

Seek veterinary help if your pet's diarrhea is accompanied by lethargy, loss of appetite, bloating, apparent abdominal pain, repeated vomiting, large amounts of blood or the ingestion of poison or if the diarrhea lasts more than three weeks even if it varies in intensity from day to day.    

How long should my pet stay on this supplement?

This supplement is intended to be used for periods of up to 2 months.

Note from SFRAW: it is our recommendation to give this supplement for no longer than 2 weeks (14 days).

Can I continue my pet’s other medications?

This supplement can be given with any other medications and/or supplements. While we’ve seen many pets benefit from this supplement, we always recommend checking with your pet’s veterinarian before changing their regimen.

Are there any risks associated with this supplement?

While this supplement is intended specifically for pets with microbiome-related health issues, in rare cases, it can cause symptoms to worsen. Constipation is the most common side effect. If your pet’s symptoms worsen after beginning this supplement, stop giving the supplement until their condition stabilizes.

Please contact the company with any questions or concerns:

Note from SFRAW: We are *massive* fans of the work being done by and people behind AnimalBiome. Their products are both safe & effective. We strongly recommend the use of their Test Kits and Gut Restoration Capsules (along with s. Boulardii) to rebalance the gut flora and monitor the health of your animals' gut microbiome. These products are incredible healing tools and we recommend their use without hesitation.

However, it is our opinion that the use of macrophages may involve potential health risks that we are not yet aware of and we have concerns regarding their use in general. Because of this, we recommend giving this supplement only after very careful consideration of possible unknown future health risks, and we suggest that any product that contains the use of macrophages are best avoided in puppies/kittens, and administration should be reserved to very short periods of time in chronically ill adult animals for which other nutritional, herbal, pre/probiotic and natural attempts to manage or control chronic and recurrent diarrhea has been unsuccessful. AnimalBiome Gut Maintenance+ is very effective; we recommend the use of this supplement to be reserved to animals that meet these specific criteria.