Ordering/reserving products is a service we provide to our Members only. To learn about Membership or to become a SFRAW Member, please go here

Even though we do not process or fulfill orders placed by non-members, non-members are welcome to drop by any time when we are open to shop in our warehouse/store. We strongly encourage new visitors to book a free Orientation appointment so we can show them around and answer their questions. SFRAW is not like any other shop and it can feel little overwhelming for those new to feeding fresh foods. It is important to us that everyone visiting SFRAW receive one-on-one guidance and care.

SFRAW is a Member-supported community of people that feed raw or cooked fresh food diets to their pets. We have a very small brick and mortar "mom & pop" shop located in San Francisco, CA. 

We have hundreds of products available every day in-store of which many may not make it up into the shopping cart online. There are also many items on the website that may no longer be available to us or have sold out. While we try to keep the website up to date as often as possible, but we miss things (this is not on purpose!) One-off deals, specials, or products that have been discontinued by our suppliers might still be active on the website. The good news is that we almost always have a substitution product that we can offer to you for many of these items. The bad news is: since 2020 prices have skyrocketed overall, so sometimes the available substitutions that we can get for you will be at a higher price.

We have relationships with a large number of producers and distributors, so sometimes we are able to receive a product from one farm/producer or another, but the price and put-up (package size) may differ depending on where we can source from that day/week.

We work very hard to provide our members with the best possible products, and we make every effort to communicate with members about any orders requiring a substitution to let them know about missing items or make adjustments, as needed.

We appreciate that members work with us to best meet their goals (budget, specific cuts, sourcing standards, fresh/frozen, pack size, quantity, etc).

We offer our own, SFRAW brand of locally-made pet treats, prepared raw pet foods, herbals, supplements and natural remedies, as well as an unsurpassed selection of exceptional whole food ingredients to make your own (DIY) cooked or raw pet food at home: from prey-model, BARF, home-cooked or other styles of feeding, we've got what you need!

With a focus on local, pastured, grass-finished and organic producers, SFRAW has every animal’s best interest at heart.

SFRAW was founded by an idealist with the goal to help animals, humans and the environment by improving the health and wellness of all beings through nutrition and natural husbandry. 

We support local family farms that practice humane, organic, sustainable, regenerative, holistic and pasture-based farming methods.

We have access to a HUGE variety of high quality meats, bones, offal, prepared foods, seafood, seasonal products, books, sundries & supplements. We're always happy to special order things for our members, so long as it is a product we that is within our high standards.

To learn more about our standards, please go here.