SFR Lamb Offal Tripe Blend 16 oz.

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This nutritious blend is made of 100% Raw Lamb Tripe & Offal/Organs:
lamb green tripe, lamb tongue, lamb heart, lamb liver, lamb kidney. Nothing else is added (not even water) Medium grind for better nutrition.

This is a supplemental food intended for DIY menu plans or to boost the vitamin/mineral rich organ content in any meal. This could also be used to make some pretty ridiculously high value treats!

As is true with all nutrient dense organs, overfeeding will result in loose stool.


Nutrient content of natural foods vary, sometimes significantly. Use the nutrient content numbers as approximations only
Composition As Formulated DM % kcal
Protein 16.39% 62.17% 44.08%
Fat 8.38% 31.77% 54.71%
Ash 1.15% 4.35%  
Moisture 73.63%    
Fiber 0% 0%  
Net Carbs 0.45% 1.71% 1.21%
Sugars (limited data) 0% 0% 0%
Starch (limited data) 0% 0% 0%
Total     100%
total kcal in recipe  130.17
kcal / oz 36.9
kcal per pound 590.44