SFRAW Ground Duck BONES, 16 oz.

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GROUND DUCK BONES = 100% Duck Carcass Bones (may include wings, heads, feet, necks). No Gibs. 100% US Sourced Ingredients. FEEDING: Intended for supplemental or occasional feeding only. Use as the RMB portion of the diet. Feed with approx. 5-10% offal/gibs + 30-50% muscle meat. HANDLING: KEEP FROZEN UNTIL USE. Defrost under 40 degrees (do not use oven or microwave); feed or refreeze within 2 days. DUCK: FREE-RANGE. HORMONE/ANTIBIOTIC-FREE. NATURAL. SUSTAINABLE. THREE-GENERATION SINCE 1951 FAMILY OPERATED. FARM-TO-FORK CONTROLLED. HATCHED, RAISED, HARVESTED, PROCESSED IN CANADA. BIOSECURE OPERATION. GLOBAL FOOD SAFETY ACCREDITATION (SQF), HACCP, USDA INSPECTED/CERTIFIED.

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