SFRAW Chicken Grind, 32 oz.

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CHICKEN GRIND INGREDIENTS: 100% USDA Whole Raw Chickens including all meat, bone, skin, fat; chicken heart, chicken liver, chicken gizzards, chicken necks & chicken feet. Nothing else is added (not even water). Medium grind for better nutrition.

FEEDING: Intended for supplemental or occasional feeding only. Feed raw. Do not cook. Feed 2% of your pet’s ideal body weight per day.

Step 1: Grind exclusively.

Step 2: Add in supplemental/seasonal foods.

Step 3: Add flavors to min. four (4) different proteins.

HANDLING: KEEP FROZEN UNTIL USE. Defrost under 40 degrees (do not use oven or microwave); feed or refreeze within 2 days.

SFRAW GRINDS are the perfect balance by nature of 80/10/10 or 100% whole animals ground up - nothing else is ever added. Unlike many raw food producers, we do not rely on grinding up just the inexpensive parts and pieces of animals - because utilizing the entire/whole animal, whenever possible, provides a superior nutritional profile. No water for processing is ever used. We grind just once, into a medium consistency, to minimize the nutritional changes that occur with meat during processing and to provide your animal with textural interest and better, more natural digestion when feeding a ground product. What distinguishes our grinds from other products are these key factors, and the exceptional quality of the meats we source. We seek out meat & poultry that is heritage breed, pasture-raised, wild foraging or free-ranging, certified organic and hormone/antibiotic-free. All of our ingredients are 100% USDA or state inspected and certified to be fit for human consumption. All green tripe has been inspected by the USDA from USDA or state facilities and is (obviously) not fit for human consumption.

We grind WHOLE fully dressed ducks, chickens, turkeys, pheasants and rabbits including the meat, bone and offal/organs for each animal (plus heads and feet, when possible). Our whole animal, medium consistency grinds provide an unparalleled nutritional profile by incorporating an abundance of high quality muscle meat plus nature’s perfect ratios of skin, fat, bones, cartilage, connective tissue, and organs. Specific flavor notes: Lamb includes Raw Lamb Green Tripe. Venison includes Raw Venison Green Tripe. Alpaca includes Raw Alpaca Green Tripe. Rabbit includes raw whole rabbit heads (furry with ears, brains, eyes - everything) and rabbit blood. Lamb, pork, venison, alpaca and beef grinds are the exception to the use of the whole animal. For these products, we use 80% the highest quality USDA inspected prime muscle cuts plus organs and bone from the same animals. People love the simplicity of our grinds as they are simply the whole animal, ground up! Meat/bones/organs; nothing else is added. Our grinds make the perfect base for home-prepared DIY style raw diets or to feed in rotation with custom supplementation, to create balance over time.


We're thrilled to be using WILD HERITAGE "Next Level" CHICKENS in our SFRAW Chicken Grind & Chicken Formula


Truly wild foraging Heirloom chickens raised on open pasture as soon as they're old enough in the "pasture belt" region of the US - these are truly exceptional birds!

  • Higher in antioxidants & omega 3’s
  • Higher in vitamins; including vitamin A
  • Supports a healthy immune system
  • Insanely delicious
  • Decades of breeding & husbandry to develop our special heirloom breed
  • Global Animal Partnership Step 4 certified company, which is the animal welfare certification recognized by the ASPCA® Shop With Your Heart program.
  • Unlimited outdoor access on 800-acre farm in Northwest Arkansas (the poultry "pasture-belt" region of America)
  • Certified Humane
  • Non-GMO Project Verified feed
  • They are proud to announce their meat has been tested by new business FoodID, co-founded by Bill Niman. FoodID tests for the presence of antibiotics and other adulterants in the comprehensive and rigorous process. Cooks Venture is now the only company that can independently validate that it never uses antibiotics and provides verified Non-GMO feed to its birds. You can view their test results here.

Our chickens are pasture-raised, heirloom, slow growth birds that enjoy a lifetime of unrestricted access to a biodiverse environment - our wooded, 800 acre farm - every day, all day, weather permitting. Our heirloom chickens are bred to thrive outdoors. It’s in their DNA. Slow-growth raises the nutritional value of the meat - you’ll find higher levels of Omega 3s and vitamin A, lower levels of cholesterol and saturated fats, and higher levels of antioxidants and iron. GAP 4 certified The Global Animal Partnership (GAP) certification program is the leader in animal welfare labeling standards. The GAP Certified program uses a tiered labeling strategy (Steps 1-5) to signal to consumers how the animals were raised. The higher the step number, the more the animal’s environment mimics a natural environment. Cooks Venture is certified Step 4 which requires the following:

  • birds to be raised on pasture 100% of the time starting at the age of four weeks
  • the pasture to be maintained
  • use of a breed that is bred to live outdoors
  • shade and enrichments to be made available.

Our heirloom chickens are robust, active and healthy—resulting in a slow-growing bird with higher bone density—meaning we have no need for antibiotics or added hormones. To ensure food safety, the USDA requires poultry to be cooled to a certain temperature. Most processors cool chickens in vats of ice cold water, where they also absorb water. This dilutes the quality of their flesh and flavor, as well as increases the risk of cross-contamination. In addition, the buyer ends up paying for the added water—an increase of anywhere from 2-12% (average 8%) of the final selling weight. Air chilled chickens pass through several chambers of cold, purified air. While this method takes longer, positive results are gaining attention and popularity with buyers in the USA. There’s no added moisture, a retention of natural juices, and a tender, more flavorful meat. 


Nutrient content of natural foods vary, sometimes significantly. Use the nutrient content numbers as approximations only.


Composition As Fed DM
Protein 14.6% 49.43%
Fat 13.47% 45.63%
Ash 2.4% 8.12%
Moisture 70.47%  
Fiber 0% 0%
Net Carbs 0% 0%
Sugars (limited data) 0% 0%
Starch (limited data) 0% 0%


total kcal per 100G 165.61
kcal / oz 46.95
kcal per pound 751.17
keto ratio (g fat/ (g protein + g net carb)) 0.92


Ca: Phos ratio     1.38 : 1
SFRAW Brand 100% Money Back, No Hassle Guarantee + Return/Exchange Policy: All of the products that we make at SFRAW (SFRAW brand/made products) come with a 100% guarantee with a full refund or exchange happily provided, for any reason. Note: We will not/do not resell returned perishable products; we donate any returns to local rescues or others in need.