MGG Raw Goat Milk Kefir PINT (in plastic)

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MIKE'S GUERNSEY GOAT MILK from Paicines, CA for Dogs & Cats.
  • RAW
We've been buying raw goat milk products and duck eggs from Mike since 2016.  We're pleased to feature MIKE'S GUERNSEY GOAT MILK & KEFIR products in our shop. They're truly exceptional. Mike is a dear person who loves his animals and works very hard.
If you've never tried Mike's goat milk kefir, it's very different from the typical commercial kefir products found in the marketplace, not only becasue of the Guernsey goat milk and the way he raises his animals with so much care, but especially because of the unique wild kefir grains he uses, collected from multiple regions in the world with a long tradition of raising goats/kefir and from being a truly wild cultured food.
His kefir boasts over 60 different species of probiotic bacteria (compared to 4-6 species in yogurt and only 20 or so in other kefirs) some of which can populate the gut (not all transient), while other commercially available kefirs all use the same standard commerical starter grains with less than half the diversity of probiotic species!
We ❤️ supporting small scale producers like Mike working hard to "do better".
What's so great about his raw milk?
  • Guernsey are a UK protected Heritage breed of goat known to produce milk with an especially delectable less "goatie" flavor.
  • Mike's goats are raised and cared for with true love.
  • Boasts unique nutritional properties inherent to raw pasture-raised dairy: provides nutrients that support brain/cognitive function, reduces inflammation and supports a healthy immune system.
  • Higher in omega3 fatty acids, CLA, vitamin K2, preformed carotenes/vitamins A, D and E.
  • Raw pasture-raised dairy products boast a much higher mineral content including minerals like magnesium and calcium.
Enjoy! ????