Membership Dues Adjustment

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Please use this if you paid an $80/yr membership fee in error if the amount was incorrect. The annual Membership is $100/yr. This payment will update your payment to the correct amount. Your renewal date will be updated according to the date you paid the original $80/ amount and is good for 1-year. 

For members that renewed at $80/yr (in error): We're SO SORRY to add hassle to your very responsible act of support for SFRAW as a continuing member. We seriously rely on the membership dues to keep the overall prices low for our members; updating your Membership payment the corrected amount will make a real impact.  I know this is our fault and I’m so very sorry to even have to ask, but we don’t keep any financial records or numbers as a security measure – so the best way to fix this is for you to pay an adjustment to the corrected amount due.

We hope the payment amount glitch has been fixed, and will not continue to be an ongoing issue for paying membership dues online.

THANK YOU again for your continued support, involvement and patronage of SFRAW. If it weren’t for YOU, SFRAW simply wouldn’t be able to continue to operate and support all the local producers/farms, our employees, our local community, our local economy & small business. SFRAW Members have a real and genuine impact on the health and well-being of people, animals, and the environment both locally and globally.

Your support is vital to the survival of our community and allows for us to continue to provide products/services that we work hard to bring to YOU, as a valued SFRAW member.

In gratitude for your support (and patience!) 


Membership starts immediately and is good for one year from the date you start/pay. Non refundable; not pro-rated; not transferable.