Interviewed, as a Guest:

Jaw Jaw on Raw Raw with Dr. Nick Thompson (@HolisticvetUK ) interview March 2021


Vital Animal Podcast with Dr. Falconer

#6 How one cat's death sentence changed Kasie Maxwell’s life - Vital Animal® § The Natural Path Oct 2020

#13 Kasie Maxwell: How to make the jump to raw - Vital Animal® § The Natural Path Jan 2024


Playtime Paws Your New Puppy's Podcast with Debbie Cilento

YNP #069: What is Raw Feeding? - Playtime Paws Nov 2021


This is Series TV Show

This Is Series SF: Season 1 Nov 2018


As a Host:

The SFRAW Podcast with Kasie Maxwell-Grujcic “Leading the Curious to the Courageous!" Kasie Maxwell Grujcic, host of the SFRAW Podcast has over 33 years of experience with Natural Rearing & Raw Feeding/Natural Nutrition and is the Founder/Owner of SFRAW (est. 2003). Begin your journey, deepen your understanding or expand your knowledge about Natural Rearing and Raw Feeding/Natural Nutrition through interviews and conversations with wise, inspiring people Kasie highly admires within the SFRAW community and the greater world-wide community of incredible people doing amazing things. (videos on YouTube) (audio only)


SFRAW Podcast Episode 1: Megumi Cusick Healing Rescues and Seniors with Natural Rearing/Raw Diet

The SFRAW Podcast Pre-Show: Elin Weber Connecting to a Dog's Inner Nature

The SFRAW Podcast EP2 with guest, Elin Weber hosted by Kasie Maxwell Grujcic June 2021

CLIP: The SFRAW Podcast EP2: Elin Weber on Connecting to a Dog's Inner Nature June 2021


Facebook LIVE Show: Wildly Healthy LIVE with Matt Rowe and Kasie Maxwell It's LIVE and we've named it: WILDLY HEALTHY! Tune in Fridays @2PM PST for the Wildly Healthy LIVE show with hosts Kasie Maxwell Grujcic of @SFRAW and Matt Rowe of @ParsleyPet Nov 15, 2019

Episode 0: We discuss Groovy's Nutritional Blueprint results Jan 10, 2020

Episode 1: We’re official! Nov 22, 2019

Episode 2: General chat on Raw Feeding and Natural Nutrition Nov 29, 2019

Episode 3: Cabernet Lazarus-Gavin makes an appearance. Dec 20, 2019

Episode Slovenia: LIVE from Slovenia, Branko Grujcic makes an appearance. January 10, 2020

Episode 4: Wildly Healthy Toxins, Fleas/Ticks, Cancer January 17, 2020

Episode 5: Guest Sabrina Simmons of RAWR - Focus on Feline Mealtimes January 24, 2020

Episode 6: We are talking about WATER! January 31, 2020

Episode 7: The Difference Between Microbes (Pre and Pro-Biotics) and Enzymes February 14, 2020

Episode 8: You Gotta Have Heart (Valentine’s Day show) February 21, 2020

Episode 9: Transitioning to Raw Feeding February 28, 2020

Episode 10: Guest Toni Lee Reardon - Mold and Bacteria March 1, 2020

Episode 11: Emergency Preparedness for your Pet March 20, 2020

Episode 12: Guest Holly Ganz of Animal Biome March 27, 2020

Episode 13: Raw Myth Busters! March 6, 2020

Episode 14: Guest Joy Eriksen April 2, 2020

Episode 15: Considering Calcium Sources & Needs for Dogs & Cats April 24, 2020

Episode 17: Safe Food Handling for Raw Feeders


"Chewing The Fat with Kasie and Carrie!" Facebook show The popular animal advocates and podcast hosts have joined forces to bring you an hour of fun, laughs, tears, and most important to share their knowledge of pet nutrition, healing alternatives, and stories about pets! June 3, 2021

Tonight is the Premier of the NEW show, "Chewing The Fat with Kasie and Carrie!" Jump in and check it out! Join in the conversation, teach, learn and share on all topics related to #RawFeeding and #NaturalRearing June 3, 2021

Let’s Chat! Announcing a NEW Thursday evening show - "Chewing The Fat with Kasie and Carrie!" June 10, 2021 June 17, 2021 June 21 2021

Let’s Chat! Join us Thursdays at 6:00 PM PST, for "Chewing The Fat with Kasie and Carrie!" June 24, 2021 June 27,2021

Carrie has "Burning Stuff" to talk about with Kasie in this episode of Chewing the Fat! Have you ever been in a situation where you are doing all of what you know is nutritionally correct for a dog, yet the dog is not responding the way you know they should be? AND then, you find out about the situation at home with the pet parent! Ahhh! July 1, 2021

Let’s Chat! The popular animal advocates and podcast hosts, Carrie Hyde and Kasie Maxwell Grujcic have joined forces to bring you an hour of fun, laughs, tears, and most important to share their knowledge of pet nutrition, healing alternatives, and stories about pets! July 8, 2021

Let’s Chat! If you know someone who is looking for more information and alternative answers for their pet's health be sure to SHARE this event with them.


 Published articles written by Kasie Maxwell

Twilight Dining: Senior Dog Nutrition — BAY WOOF Aug 2015

Starting Puppies on a Raw-Food Diet — BAY WOOF Aug 2016

Dogs and Carbs Are Not a Good Recipe — BAY WOOF Oct 2017

The Benefits of the Ketogenic Diet for Dogs — BAY WOOF Sept 2019

The Four Bs: What’s Holding You Back from Feeding a Healthy Raw Food Diet? — BAY WOOF Sept 2023


Raw Dog Food Pet Summit Guest Segment/Module

Raw Dog Food Summit Premium Pass - Pet Summits Oct 2022

Raw Feeding For Senior Dogs w/ Kasie Maxwell Grujcic

What you'll learn in this session:

  • Expected metabolic changes of senior dogs and how raw feeding best supports these changes.
  • Seniors actually need more (high quality) protein, not less!
  • Unique benefits provided by raw foods (plus: Raw Superfoods!) that increase vitality and protect against diseases common to senior dogs.


Media articles featuring Kasie Maxwell

Pet-Centric Design - The New York Times ( July 2010

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