Hungarian Rabbit Bnls Loin, Rolled/Tied PACK

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RABBIT MEAT has a very high percentage of easily digestible white meat protein (100 gram portion of rabbit meat contains 29.1 grams of protein)   The calcium and phosphorus contents of this meat or more than any other meats.  It is an excellent source of B12 and selenium.

In TCM, rabbit is considered a cooling protein. It is damp/moistening, ideal for dry skin & constipation. 

Rabbit meat contains the least amount of fat among all the other available meats. Indeed, if eaten exclusively, a rabbit meat only diet can cause a serious acute form of malnutrition called, "Rabbit Starvation" which is from eating an ultra high protein diet that is too low in fat or carbohydrates for a period ranging from several days to weeks to months. For this reason, we recommend using rabbit as a novel elimination diet for no longer than 9-12 weeks.

If eating a predominantly rabbit protein diet, due to food intolerances or when managing health conditions, it is important to also add in high quality fats, at a minimum. We like to rotate in pork and duck, which are both good choices when seeking out "cooling" proteins. Adding in our Red Gold, duck egg yolks, fatty fish, raw pasture-raised/grass-finished A2 unsalted butter, and/or raw Iberico pork fat are all excellent choices for feeding rabbit long term safely. 

Rabbits are a sound environmental choice. They're easy on the earth and one of the most productive domestic livestock animals. For example, compared to cattle/beef, rabbits produce 6 (rabbit) to 1 (beef) pounds of protein on the same amounts of feed and water.

About these rabbits, imported from Hungary:

Rabbits are raised in accordance with the very strict Swiss Animal Welfare requirements. The provisions of Switzerland’s Animal Welfare Act are among the most stringent worldwide. In addition to the minimum legal requirements, there are also labels and voluntary animal welfare programmes of the federal government in which many farmers participate.

Detailed regulations for all livestock are stipulated in the Swiss Animal Welfare Act and the associated ordinances. 

In order to guarantee the highest quality, they maintain full control of the supply chain, which begins at animal feed production (their feed mills have achieved and maintain ISO 9001 certification, have successfully passed the audit for ISO 14001 environment management systems and are GMP+ certified) and ends on the shelf in the store. They own and operate their own feed mill, farming systems, and meat processing plants.

SQTS – Swiss Quality Testing Services independently verifies and confirms all of their meat processing procedures for compliance with animal protection standards and also tests for microbial safety and provides nutritional analysis. SQTS third party certificates of analysis (COAs) are available upon request.

Processing of rabbit meat is an intensive and demanding work. Therefore, their employees can change their places in rotation or according to their preferences. It is a matter of great importance to the producer that employees actively bring in new ideas. In this way, processing procedures can be optimized by their employees’ valuable experience.

Social responsibility

The company makes an important social contribution in the regions where they operate. They offer employees in Hungary the opportunity to participate in training and development. In Lajosmizse (Hungary), they play an important role in the local and regional economy as major employer and buyer of local produce that actively supports the local economy and local food system.


Nature –our rabbits are fed exclusively with untreated forage and hay from extensively farmed non-GMO natural pasture/grasslands.

Freshness – High standards of hygiene and highly coordinated logistics.

Environment – rabbit breeding is vastly superior to breeding of larger farm animals because the CO2 – emission per kilogram of meat is significantly lower.

Professionalism – Thanks to comprehensive know-how and many years of experience, our feed production and our products meet our quality requirements and the quality requirements of our customers.

Courage – in our company we live in a culture of open communication where new ideas are encouraged.

Health – The well-being of our customers is of central importance to us so we offer top quality rabbit meat products for healthy and balanced nutrition.

As a company, which is integrated into a multi-layered, dynamic and natural environment, our actions are characterized by our responsibility to care for, to nourish and to cherish this environment to the best of our knowledge and belief. This corporate responsibility extends from animal husbandry, our employees, our customers, our suppliers, the environment to animal feed and its processing. Exercising this responsibility requires us to maintain an open and communicative relationship with all relevant partners. For this reason it is important to us to have a dialogue on all levels both internally and externally, thereby sharing a high degree of transparency with all stakeholders: all processes and responsibilities are visible for all at any time. All certification processes and measures for quality assurance and enhancement are communicated.