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Certified Piedmontese provides America with the rare Italian-heritage Piedmontese beef with a farm-to-fork approach that ensures traceability, environmental sustainability, humane animal handling, and responsible resource management at every step. Our cattle are raised on family ranches across the Midwest. Certified Piedmontese is verified all-natural; the Piedmontese cattle are never given antibiotics, steroids, or hormones to ensure our customers get top-notch beef that doesn’t sacrifice flavor or tenderness.

Why Piedmontese?

Sometimes you crave premium-tasting beef, but not the calories and fat that come with it. Piedmontese beef is the answer, shipped right to your front door. The Piedmontese breed is unique in its naturally-occurring genetic makeup, developing extra muscle mass and very little fat due to having an inactive myostatin gene. Ounce-for-ounce, a serving of Certified Piedmontese beef is over 20% lower in calories than salmon but packs 10% more protein. Despite the absence of fatty marbling typical of traditional breeds, the muscle fibers of Piedmontese cattle remain short and remarkably tender.

When our founder first discovered the unique Piedmontese beef, he knew he had found authentic beef taste, a beef that his family would enjoy and be healthy eating. Chefs across the country rave about the taste quality of Piedmontese beef, its deep flavor, and exceptional tenderness. In the end, Certified Piedmontese beef is a delicious source of protein that consumers can feel good about eating.

The Future of Beef

85% of grass-fed beef in the USA is imported, and we're part of that small 15% that raises and produces our beef in the great Midwest. Certified Piedmontese Grass Finished cattle are under a strict zero-grain policy and have a grass-fed diet from start to finish, eating only grass and forage as nature intended. The meat produced is leaner with an impressive nutritional profile. Grass Finished beef contains less mono-saturated fat and calories and has a higher density of key nutrients such as antioxidants and vitamins. Beef from our Grass Finished Program has five times the omega-3 fatty acids and double the CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) of grain-finished beef, making it the healthiest beef option.




Non-GMO Certified Piedmontese Grass Fed Grass Finished Beef is source-verified, nutritious, high-quality tender beef raised humanely, sustainably, and regeneratively with the cattle, land, and resources in mind.

There is no reason to settle for less when choosing your Grass Fed Grass Finished Beef. We don't source good beef, we raise it the Nebraska Way!