CRMC Pork Leg Boneless/Skinless

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Breed: Landrace/Chester/Yorkshire Sow crossed with Berkshire Bore
Origin: Klingeman Farms, Ephrata, WA

Klingeman Farms was the first sustainable hog company in the US to receive both the Food Alliance and Non-GMO Project Verified seals of approval. Being at the forefront of each classification is a direct reflection of Klingeman Farm’s perfected animal husbandry and dietary practices.
The key to the pigs’ superior fat, flavor, and performance is diet. The pigs are 100% corn and soy-free. Their feed is a
Non-GMO Project Verified grain mix including wheat, barley, peas, flax seed, and naturally occurring minerals. This diet, combined with years of stringent genetic selection, has created a unique and consistently tasty pork program that is both healthy and scalable.
The pigs enjoy abundant open living space and water access, fresh straw bedding, and A-frame birthing huts. Hoop houses provide shelter from the elements and predators.

Lightly marbled with a hard white fat cap, these animals are great for cooking, curing, and whole hog roasting. Their
signature fat cap—the result of a European small grain finish—doesn’t oxidize as it would if the animal was fed corn and soy, and is a charcutier’s dream.