Turkey Pet Grind, 5-lb chub by the each

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NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION. NOT A BALANCED DIET. Contains: a chunky grind of 60% Turkey Carcass Bones with skin/fat attached + 30% Turkey heart, liver & gizzards. PLEASE MIX 50:50 with either the plain food service ground turkey or another plain boneless muscle meat choice to provide a safe ca:ph ratio. Not reccomended for cats -- best for dogs over 25-lbs as the pieces of ground bone are larger, and may present a choking hazzard for small/tiny dogs or animals. Excellent, affordable option for dogs over 25-lbs (medium to giants). Diestel Farms: A Family-Run Sunstainable Ranch Since 1949 located in Sonora, CA. Range Grown 100% vegetarian feed never contains antibiotics, growth enhancers, hormones, gluten (wheat free), animal by-products, and DDG’s (dried distillers grains). Proud to be one of the last turkey producers in the Western United States to take the extra time and attention required to mill our own feed. Diestel turkeys enjoy the freedom of being slow grown with plenty of fresh air and space to roam, whether indoors or outdoors. In fact our turkeys are raised almost twice as long and with nearly three times as much space as conventional birds. They use multiple breeds to ensure a fully mature turkey at every weight range, and treat our animals with compassion. Our customers say Diestel turkeys have a rich “old-fashioned flavor,” incredible tenderness, and texture. Their certified organic turkeys are fed a 100% organic diet, free of GMO grains, which we mill directly on our ranch. Certified organic goes further to eliminate pesticide-treated grains, synthetic amino acids, and grains grown with chemical fertilizers. Third-party certified by Oregon Tilth Certified Organic (OTCO) We believe that the purest choice is organic!

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