Developed by Kasie Maxwell, SFRAW founder and expert in raw nutrition.

SFRAW Grinds/Formulas can be distinguished from other raw foods available in the marketplace because of the outstanding quality and integrity of every single ingredient used. We are privileged to maintain our association with exceptional producers - your animals will enjoy improved appetite (they love it!), and improved health with all of our "nutritional powerhouse" raw foods. Simply put, SFRAW is working hard to produce the BEST raw pet food you can find!

Made & packed by hand in SFRAW's own CDFA licensed & inspected facility
 Minimally processed; chunky grind minimizes nutrient loss from grinding
 Plastic-free, compostable packaging
 Meticulous quality-control measures
 100% USDA inspected and approved "human-grade" meats and poultry
 Low-glycemic green produce is 100% certified organic, delivered fresh from regional producers
 Raw truly pastured, locally-raised goat milk
 100% Raw, organic, nutrient dense herbs, seaweeds, sprouted sunflower/pumpkin seeds, apple cider vinegar
 100% USA sourced, natural ingredients
 NO added water, preservatives, flavors, fillers, synthetic vitamins, minerals or other additives
 Formulas contain less than 5% Produce & 5% Whole Food Supplements
 100% Meat/Produce/Milk is sourced from producers in the San Francisco Bay Area/Northern California
 Truly Raw: Never denatured, irradiated, pasturized, or High-Pressure Pasteurized
 Recommended by veterinarians
 100% Money-Back Guarantee

"When I decided to start making our own foods, I resolved early on that I would maintain my high standards at every step of the process (with love and care behind the thoughtful procurement, development & manufacturing), and develop my foods without compromise -- my goal is to make the best, most nutritious and healthy foods with the highest quality, most wholesome & humane/ethical ingredients possible. I'm confident that no other pet food can compare to SFRAW foods. We're honored and so very pleased to be able to make these uncompromisingly healthy, wholesome foods for your dogs & cats! Please - enjoy in vibrant good health!" - Kasie Maxwell, SFRAW Founder