General Grocery

Our General Grocery is where you will find all sorts of goodies for the whole family. From natural lifestyle products, to practical household supplies, cleaning products, supplements, pet treats made by people we trust, member produced goods, and featured member and staff favorites: natural, local and imported foods, unique drinks, nut & seed butters, oils, organic chocolates/snacks and treats (for humans, not for pets).

SFRAW members are as concerned and educated about what they feed their pets as they are about what they feed themselves and their families. Our members have a sophisticated relationship with food, health and wellness, a solid knowledge of food politics and health issues, and they use that knowledge to make informed decisions on their daily purchases. 

With a focus on local, pastured, grass-finished and organic producers, SFRAW has every animal’s best interest at heart - from humans to farm to wild animals to our domestic carnivores.