Produce 100% Organic

Produce 100% Organic


Prices & availability change week-to-week and by season. When you order produce, we will contact you to let you know what the actual cost is and/or if a substitute product may be a better option/available, if needed.

We buy ONLY 100% Certified Organic produce from a great local supplier! Veritable Vegetable supplies us with the highest quality, SUPER FRESH certified organic, fair-trade, biodynamic fruits and vegetables on the market. Veritable is a certified B Corporation, with a focus on high integrity relationships, quality produce, environmental sustainability, and active community involvement.

For SFRAW products, we only use 100% Certified Organic produce from LOCAL producers (grown within 150-miles of San Francisco) with the single exception of fresh turmeric and fresh ginger root, which we source from Hawaii. 

For our personal use/eating and enjoyment, we will purchase, and are happy to share with you, featured/on special organic produce available from other areas on the west coast (California/Oregon/Washington), sometimes from other countries (Mangos, for example).

Our avocados are always 100% California grown.