Exclusively for Pets

A wonderful selection of fresh/frozen ingredients and products developed by local butchers, ranches, and licensed pet food manufacturers for pet consumption only.

The products produced by local pet food manufacturers are balanced and are a great choice to use in rotation with other foods. We STRONGLY recommend rotating between a minimum of FOUR (4) different proteins on a regular basis and including a selection of novel and seasonal foods to maintain ideal nutrition for your animals over time.  

Please be aware that MANY of the products in this category are simply *ingredients* and NOT complete or balanced foods. While they are excellent choices for the DIY raw feeders, they were produced or developed by butchers and ranchers, NOT animal nutritionists!

It is up to YOU, the DIY raw feeder preparing and providing meals for your animals, to ensure and verify that you are incorporating these products in a responsible manner that provides balanced nutrition (and to realize that they are intended to be fed in combination with other foods and ingredients).

If you have any questions about how to utilize these products when preparing your animal's meals at home, please set-up an appointment to meet with Kasie or check-in with her next time you shop from the warehouse.