Local Whole Squab, HO/FO, Dressed

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"Chinese Style" whole Squab (pigeon) includes the head & feet.

Processed and inspected for human consumption, is an excellent wild game option for animals allergic to other poultry-- raised locally, we love that the heads and feet were left on for better nutrition profile. Approximately 15-16 oz each, the perfect sized meal for a 50-lb dog or two days for a 25-lb dog; a very unique Prey Model option! We may include these in our Prey Model Packs this week...stay tuned! Sold individually.

??S Q U A B??
?Locally Raised
?‍?Independent Small Farm
?‍?Woman Owned/Operated
?Clean Outdoor Enclosures
?Humane, Stress-free Care
?Locally Milled Feed
⛔️No Hormones or Antibiotics
❣️Processed in State Licensed Abbitoir & Inspected for the ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Best Local Restaurants/Chefs?‍?
?Traditionally Presented with Head on/Feet On, includes Gibs?
?Squab is a young pigeon, harvested at an age before taking flight. It consists of ?dark-meat, like duck and goose, yet the meat is exceptionally far more tender - has been described as having a "silky" texture, as it is very tender and fine-grained.
?Each weighs about 3/4-1 pound; 23% Bone.
?Higher in protein and iron compared to chicken or turkey.
?Rich in phosphorus & vitamin B12.
?Squab is known to be one of the most easily digestible of all meats.
"No one farms squab to make a fortune. The birds’ notorious sensitivity prevents using modern poultry techniques, like those employed in the factory farming of chickens, to produce enormous flocks at minimal costs. They respond poorly to artificial insemination and inferior-quality feeds laced with animal by-products.
Farm-raised pigeons must have the same food year-round. Their nesting cubbies must never be disturbed. For this reason, the cost of squab, which has remained constant for decades, is expensive relative to mass-marketed chickens. It’s a whole lot of bother to raise good squab. But these succulent birds make a feast fit for a king." - D'Artagnan
Enjoy this local specialty while available!