SFR Fryer Rabbit Whole Dressed, CUT/PORT by the lb.

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Cut pieces in portioned bags, each bag weighs approx. 3-lbs.
These wonderful rabbits are sourced locally, raised with care by a local farming families brought to us by John Anderson; found on the menus of some of the finest local restaurants and used by the most discerning chefs in the SF Bay Area.
Processed with care in a CA state licensed facility that serves local restaurants and retail meat shops.  Inspected and retail packed by the producer for human consumption.
This is the whole young fully dressed fryer rabbits including the meat/bone/organs (liver and kidney) Hearts and lungs are sold separately (not always available).
SUNSTAINABLE, LOW IMPACT & NURTITIOUS Rabbits reproduce and grow quickly using less resources than many other livestock/animals used for protein in captivity, so they are known to have a light impact on the earth. Rabbit is extremely lean and an all-white meat that is a good source of highly-quality proteins, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B12, and minerals like calcium and potassium. Fryer rabbits are composed of approx. 21% protein and 28% bone. Rabbit provides a nice balance of fatty acids; rabbit meat is higher in omega-3 than typical, commercially-raised chicken.
Rabbit is a novel protein that works nicely for many animals with food intolerances/reactivity - very popular as a short-term single protein food for elimination diet protocols.
☯️ In TCM, rabbit is considered a cooling protein that may be used to quell fiery yang imbalances with cooling gentle yin energy.

BIT OF TRIVIA  Rabbit meat is so lean that for Artic explorers consuming a diet of 100% wild rabbit exclusively, they developed a serious condition now known as “rabbit starvation.”  We recommend enjoying rabbit with a serving of healthy pasture-raised or wild fat, or serve as a varied diet including plenty of moderate to higher-fat nourishing foods (pork, lamb, egg yolks, ghee, pasture-raised butter, cod livers, for example).

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