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SFRAW produces a variety of fresh, very high-value, dehydrated meat treats using only the finest ingredients. Meats are procured from exceptional local USDA producers including Liberty Ducks, BN Ranch, Marin Sun Farms, Diestel Turkey & Petaluma Poultry. Our treats are made with single or limited ingredient, 100% organic, hormone/antibiotic-free, range-free and truly pastured whole food ingredients. We never use preservatives of any kind, "natural flavorings", salt, sugars, fillers or any other additives. 100% of every single ingredient is sourced from the USA.

“Delicious & Nutritious!”
Made in SFRAW’s own licensed & inspected facility by hand in small batches - with love and care put into every batch of treats!

Pastured Turkey Jerky
Pastured Beef Jerky
Range-Free Chicken Jerky
Elk Jerky
Pastured Beef & Organic Pumpkin or Sweet Potato Patties
Range-Free Turkey & Organic Pumpkin or Sweet Potato Patties
Twilight Turkey (Range-Free Turkey & Organic Pumpkin or Sweet Potato Patties with Organic Chamomile)
Range-Free Chicken, Duck or Turkey Hearts
Pastured Beef Heart
Pastured Beef Liver
Pastured Pork Liver
Pastured Lamb Liver
Range-Free Chicken Liver
Range-Free Duck Liver
Range-Free Turkey Liver
Dehydrated Range-Free Chicken or Range-Free Duck Feet
Dehydrated Pastured Beef Tendons
Dehydrated Pastured Beef Tracheas (cut for safety)
Dehydrated Pastured Pig Ears & Tails

We love making new flavors and limited-run fun goodies -- so you may find other things if you come shop our warehouse! If you are looking for a particular treat -- just ask -- we may be able to make it for you (small batches).

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