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SFRAW Satin Balls, small size, sold by the each

SFRAW Satin Balls, small size, sold by the each

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Product Description

Satin Balls are a high fat/high calorie food additive/meatballs mixture that will put weight on and improve the skin/coat and muscle condition for dogs that are having difficulty maintaining weight/muscle; and for any lean dog during periods of physically demanding activity/stress. They are frequently used to give an added boost of nutrition/nutrients to:

  • lactating/whelping dogs & puppies failing to thrive
  • working/show dogs
  • undernourished/malnourished dogs
  • recovering from illness or injury that resulted in weight loss, muscle atophy/wasting, changes in coat condition
  • elders/seniors that have a hard time keeping weight on
  • rescued dogs arriving in poor condition




My newly updated SFRAW version is *grain-free* and packed with super nutrition – the latest version is way more awesome! The ingredients are as follows:

  • Truly pastured regular fat ground beef
  • Truly pastured ground pork
  • Truly pastured egg yolks
  • Great Lakes pastured beef gelatin
  • Certified organic blackstrap molasses or organic raw carob powder
  • Certified organic spirulina
  • Certified organic kelp
  • Certified organic dulse
  • Certified organic nettle leaf
  • Certified organic carob powder
  • Certified organic Nutiva red palm oil
  • Certified organic & 100% grass-finished whole fat yogurt
  • Certified organic sweet potato puree (cooked)
  • NOW brand bone meal powder
  • Certified organic rosehips/camu camu powder blend


The ca:ph ratio has been properly balanced so you can feed these Satin Balls as stand alone meals safely (for periods of time, if needed). Or, simply add Satin Balls as a supplement to any balanced diet (without concern over tipping the nutritional balance of your menu/meals).

We made them into balls that you can feed as is, or easily cut into smaller sizes to feed in a few days.

The ingredients are 100% raw, so keep in freezer and defrost as needed. Once defrosted, feed within 2-3 days.


If you struggle to keep weight on your dog, or with achieving a gleaming healthy coat & strong nails, for any dog under your care, try Satin Balls!  This supplement will put weight on quickly; you should notice an improvement in their body composition in just a few days.

Dogs on our Satin Ball supplement enjoy gleaming beautiful coats; less shedding; stronger, healthier nails; improved joint and muscle condition.

Satin Balls are an excellent high calorie/high fat whole food supplement for any hard working or breeding dogs, or dogs that have experienced undernourishment/malnourished for any reason (stress, poor diet, rescue or lactating) and need to get weight and improved body condition.


LOCALLY PASTURED | HORMONE & ANTIBIOTIC-FREE | ORGANIC | GRAIN-FREE HEALTHY SATIN BALLS: Pastured Ground Beef, Pastured Ground Pork, Organic Pastured Egg Yolks, Pastured USA Beef Gelatin, Organic Blackstrap Molasses or Organic Raw Carob Powder, Organic USA Spirulina, Organic Local Garlic, Organic Kelp, Organic Dulse, Organic Nettle, Organic, Unrefined Red Palm Oil, Organic Locally Pastured Whole Fat Goat Milk Yogurt, Organic Peeled/Mashed/Cooked Sweet Potato, NOW Bone Meal Powder & LOVE. FEEDING: High fat/high calorie dietary supplement; quickly puts weight on underweight dogs; improves skin/coat and muscle condition; provides extra nutrition/nutrients for lactating/whelping, work/show, undernourished/malnourished, recovering, elder and rescue dogs. The ca:ph ratio is balanced. Each ball is approx. 4 oz.; give 0.5 oz. per 10-lbs of body weight. Do NOT feed to dogs prone to pancreatitis or in CRF. HANDLING: KEEP FROZEN UNTIL USE. Defrost under 40 degrees (do not use oven or microwave); feed or refreeze within 2 days. NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION; PROCESSED WITH CARE BY SFRAW, ESTABLISHMENT NO. A-281

Warranty Information

SFRAW Brand 100% Money Back, No Hassle Guarantee + Return/Exchange Policy: All of the products that we make at SFRAW (SFRAW brand/made products) come with a 100% guarantee with a full refund or exchange happily provided, for any reason. Note: We will not/do not resell returned perishable products; we donate any returns to local rescues or others in need.

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