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Elk, Ground 1-lb. packs

Elk, Ground 1-lb. packs

5 Stars
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Durham Ranch Elk are either CFIA or USDA inspected. Durham Ranch brand New Zealand farm raised Wapiti Elk are all natural, free range and never receive growth stimulants, hormones or growth promoting antibiotics. Elk are members of the deer family. They taste similar to venison, reindeer or antelope. No added hormones, antibiotics. Elk are raised on open pastures.

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  1. Who knew kitties would love ELK? 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on Apr 21st 2017)

    My cat, like most cats, can be picky about which proteins he likes. He eats mostly game birds (quail and pheasant are favorites); LOVES rabbit, but won't touch beef. Likes eggs. Loves live insects! He's been eating raw since weaning and has only recently shown any interest in small amounts of pork and lamb. Not a big fan of chicken or turkey, but will eat it, when forced - duck is a no go. Mice - he won't even touch unless he's caught them himself....but ELK -- oh my goodness! ELK! Elk is, apparently, DA BOMB! And he's not the only feline friend that feels this way about this lovely wild red meat. It's been a huge hit with many cats; even those with inappetence. Elk is the BESTEST for kitties - despite it not making any real sense...while he considers himself a Big Game Hunter, he'd never be able to take down an elk "in the wild". However, we let him live out his Big Game Hunter fantasy by bringing this home on a regular rotation; and he goes wild for it every time! Totally one of his top favorites. After being turned on to elk, he's also started to enjoy even venison and alpaca, too --great. Yay for variety/nutritional balance! But, elk - elk is really IT for him. Highly recommended!