SFR Pork Myoglobin

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Myoglobin is the iron/oxygen binding protein that primarily provides a naturally occurring by-product from fresh meat: moisture (different from water!) Myoglobin is a unique form of moisture with trace amounts of protein/amino acids, minerals, antioxidants, blood cells, and other nutrients. It is a source of taurine; a protein and antioxidant essential for cats & dogs.

Easy way to put nutrients and lost moisture back into the meal.

Myoglobin is the liquid that comes from the defrosted/frozen or fresh meats. Myoglobin functions as the oxygen-carrying protein found in muscle cells and it gives muscle it's red color; the redder the meat, the higher the concentration of myoglobin (ie. "red meat" vs. "white meat").

It provides important, nutritious moisture that cannot be substituted by adding water, or even broth or milk, to foods. Myoglobin is a unique liquid that is naturally enhanced with traces of taurine/proteins, vitamins and beneficial minerals - plus, just SUCH a tasty flavor!

Myoglobin contains iron and B-vitamins that provide enzymes necessary for oxygen activation, oxygen transportation, and electron transportation.



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