Pinkie Rats, 15 per bag

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Due to shipping costs, available in the late Fall through early Spring. Not available when prohibitively expensive overnight shipping is required or during warm weather.
Note: Not for human consumption. Since 2003, SFRAW continues to be one of the few places on the west coast where you can find a selection of Hare-Today's very fine pet food products. Producers of Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods for pets, Hare-Today is licensed and inspected through the PA Dept of Agriculture and have been in business since 1999. Located in North Western PA, Hare Today is a family run, 52-acre farm that started as a small free-range, natural rabbitry and pastured goat farm. They strive for a healthy environment for their animals without the use of hormones or antibiotics. "I believe that a healthy animal raised with plenty of pasture space (rotational grazing) as well as good management techniques does not require all the "preventative measures" found in most feed lot practices. Fresh air, plenty of sunshine and room to roam is by far the best way to raise livestock. The rabbits are fed an alfalfa based rabbit pellet and are housed in a colony setting in a modified green house. They are not caged. The Goats are grass fed. Farming is hard work. I do not know of any small farms that are getting rich by farming. So many family farms are going under, as they can not keep up with the factory farming methods (and who wants to?). By supporting local farmers this helps keep the family farms operating. - Tracy Murphy, owner"
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