Northstar US Humane Pasture-Raised Regenerative Elk Tripe, Portioned

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SFRAW "portioned" indicates that we broke down a bulk case and packed up into smaller sized vacuum sealed bags.

Bag sizes vary. Please choose a preferred bag size, if this important to you.

Order by the lb.  We will do our best to match your quantity and bag size request. The amount due for the finalized order will be adjusted according to the actual weight of the product that you recieve (you may owe more or be given the choice of a refund or credit).

We may need to contact you directly while fulfilling your order to make necessary adjustments based on what is available.

We will finalize your order's balance during in-store or upon pickup.

100% grassfed & finished, humanely-harvested USA elk. No grains, ever. 100% antibiotic & hormone free, humaely handled from birth to market. Elk meat is rich in CLA's and omega 3 fatty acids that are are heart friendly and suppress risk of cancer. Nose-to-tail program utilizes every part of the animal. True, native, Rocky Mountain Elk raised on open pasture in Wisconsin, Minnesota & southern Canada. Elk is the nearest to 100% Grass Fed and Finished Bison in nutritional quality. Nourishing, delicious, tender, primal. Elk; as nature intended.