Pate Mousse Truffle, by the ea

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Creamy, spreadable and mouth-wateringly rich! Made with pork, turkey and chicken liver, sherry, truffles, wild mushrooms and spices, our truffle mouse pâté is a delightful mixture of rich flavors and creamy, delicate textures. The ultra smooth and rich truffle mousse paté is part of our selection of mousse patés, which are full-flavored and easy to spread. Truffles have been culinary delights in Europe for centuries and have been gaining popularity among American chefs and home cooks in recent years. A type of mushroom that's famously difficult to cultivate because they can only grow in the wild, Truffles' scarcity and flavor makes them a true delicacy. Often found at French restaurants, truffle mousse offers authentic French flavor that's delicious on its own or with a variety of accompaniments.

ALEXIAN pates are 100% GLUTEN FREE. All Natural. No Artificial Flavors, No Artificial Colors, No Preservatives, No Fillers; Hormone and Antibiotic Free Ingredients.

Alexian, a Woman Owned Business Enterprise, certified by the state of New Jersey; has always made a commitment to preparing pâtés and mousses in a completely natural manner. We sacrifice nothing but the unpleasantries of preservatives, additives and unnecessary fillers. Alexian pates are Gluten Free as we do not add the flavour enhancer, Hydrolyzed Plant Protein. 

Animal Welfare Certification: Pork, duck, pheasant, turkey, veal and chicken meats are used alone or in combination from carefully selected vendors who certify that their breeding and raising practices are humane and sensitive to the food health and well being of their stock. Depending on the species, these practices will include: No administration of antibiotics or growth stimulants, Vegetarian or grain feeding, Minimal confinement appropriate to healthy growth and safety of the species. This includes our dairy ingredients as well. We also require third-party certification from the vendors we utilize.

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