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PT Ranch is a third-generation ranch located in the Sierra Foothills, covering 500 acres. They specialize in pastured poultry and have a strong focus on soil health. One of their notable initiatives is carbon farming, which aims to increase carbon capture on the ranch. Here are some key points about PT Ranch:

  1. Ecological Outcome Verified (EOV): PT Ranch receives annual monitoring for EOV certification. During these assessments, indicators related to biodiversity, plant health, and soil health are checked to ensure that the landbase is regenerating. The findings from each year’s monitoring are compiled into a report, and ranch managers discuss how to improve management based on these results1.

  2. Carbon Farming: PT Ranch has a carbon farm plan that outlines strategies for increasing carbon sequestration. Some of their actions include planting thousands of trees, spreading over 1,400 tons of compost, and implementing holistic grazing management. These practices have sequestered an estimated 398 tons of carbon, equivalent to taking 88 cars off the road for a year1.

If you’re interested in learning more about ecological outcome verification, you can explore the concept of Ecological Outcome Verification™ (EOV™), which provides a scalable and affordable methodology for measuring regenerative outcomes on agricultural land2. PT Ranch’s commitment to sustainable practices is commendable, and they continue to make strides in land stewardship and carbon sequestration efforts! 

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