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Guinea Hen, Whole by the lb

Guinea Hen, Whole by the lb

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HERITAGE BREEDS. ALL-NATURAL. HUMANELY TREATED. Weight for each bird is approx. 2.5-3lbs Neck & Liver Included; Free Range; Grain-Fed; Antibiotic, Hormone, and Growth Stimulant Free; Air-Chilled. Durham Ranch game birds are some of the finest poultry available. Domestically grown throughout the United States, Durham Ranch game birds are the best in quality and sustainably raised. They are humanley treated and cared for in an environment that provides a vegetarian diet and fresh water. Our farms carefully select local feed, provide room and adequate time for the birds to grow in a stress-free environment, and utilize the most modern-day humane practices in harvesting. This ensures you receive a product that’s all-natural, healthy and delicious. GUINEA HENS - Our farms are the only commercial operation in the USA, located in the San Joaquin Valley of California. Each farm owns its breeder flocks and hatchery, raising the birds from hatch. Birds do not travel more than 30 miles from the farm to the processing plant. Because these birds have never been totally domesticated, their flesh is darker and more flavorful or gamey tasting, like a pheasant’s. Unlike a pheasant’s, the guinea hen’s legs do not have tough tendons, so they are more readily used. A relative of the chicken and partridge, the guinea hen’s lean and tender dark meat has less fat than chicken and boasts a pleasant, slightly gamey flavor that is similar to pheasant in taste. Guinea hens have 50 percent less fat than chicken, and a 50-50 ratio of meat to bone. Guinea hens are humanely raised from the highest grade of French breeding stock to ensure a top quality bird. Their diet consists of corn, soy and wheat alfalfa, with no antibiotics or hormones ever used. Originally from Africa, guinea fowl are a popular roasting bird in France & Italy. Their slightly red meat is lean with an exciting flavor stronger than chicken, pheasant-esque, with some of the richness of duck. There’s a lot of dark meat on each bird, with approximately a 50/50 meat to bone ratio (higher than many other poultry varieties). These guinea fowl have been air chilled, a method preferred by chefs because it better preserves the bird’s flavor, lets the meat absorb marinades better, doesn’t add water weight, and is more environmentally friendly (produces less contaminated water) than water chilling, which is used for most poultry.

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