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A Healthy Pet Lifestyle

SFRAW's Aspects of a Healthy Pet Lifestyle

While a healthy, whole foods diet is the foundation for overall health, there are several very important aspects to consider when looking at the lifestyle of your pet. A whole foods diet, combined with a healthy lifestyle, will help prevent of disease and foster true wellness. Below you can find our list of what we feel are the critical aspects of a healthy pet's lifestyle:

  • Pure, Clean Water
  • Fresh, Whole Foods Diet/li>
  • Daily Exercise, Play, Mental Stimulation, and Social Contact
  • Safe, Regular Exposure to the Outdoors (Earth/Flora/Nature/Sunshine)
  • Uncontaminated, Fresh Air
  • Avoiding Toxins and Chemicals
  • Love, Patience, and Gentle Handling
  • Behavior/Training: Thoughtful Management and Setting Them Up To Succeed
  • "Do No Harm" When Treating Health Imbalances
  • Celebrating (and allowing them to safely express) Their Innate/Natural Behaviors
  • Adequate, Uninterrupted Restful Sleep in a Warm, Dry, Comfortable Space>
  • Minimize Stress: Generally Feeling Safe and Relaxed
  • Peaceful Home Environment
  • Regular Grooming
  • Clean Bedding, Home, and Garden