Wild Boar, Ground 1-lb

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RAISED IN THE WILD Durham Ranch Wild Boar is the ancient ancestor of the domesticated pig and found roaming wild throughout most of the United States. Its all-natural diet of mostly acorns and brush creates a lean, rich meat American restaurants are just beginning to discover. Since Durham Ranch Wild Boar consumes a free range diet, the meat is naturally lean and extremely high in protein. Its sweet, nutty, intense flavor makes Durham Ranch Wild Boar a natural choice for any chef looking for something truly unique and unexpected. Durham Ranch Wild Boar is free-range, 100% natural, low in fat and high in protein.

For centuries, Europeans have known the benefits of this wild delicacy; not only for conservation and preservation efforts but for the value wild boar provides food-service and retail customers. Throughout Central Europe, Wild Boar is considered one of the most premium meats available. Durham Ranch sources wild boar primarily from Texas. FAQ: What is the feeding regimen? Durham Ranch wild boar forage on a diet consisting mostly of acorns and brush. Are the animals ever given antibiotics or growth stimulants? Never, due to the wild boar being a wild, free-range animal. What does Durham Ranch do to ensure the animals are treated with respect? All animals are captured and handled in compliance with USDA regulations. At what age are they harvested and why? Durham Ranch wild boar are harvested from six months to three years of age. Under Texas state law, any animal captured must be processed or properly disposed of. What is the weight of the animals at harvest? At the time of harvesting, boars range from 70 pounds up to 250. What does the meat taste like? Durham Ranch wild boar is naturally lean, and extremely high in protein. It has a sweet, nutty, intense flavor. 

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