SFRAW DIY Tick Repellent Kit (for dogs)

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Our DIY TICK REPELLENT kit includes the finest certified organic cold-pressed NEEM OIL + organic therapeutic quality ROSE GERANIUM ESSENTIAL OIL plus the following instructions:

The best way to prevent tick borne disease is to use a preventative natural tick spray every time you enter tick infested areas (anywhere where you could find deer/coyote = a tick area) – especially in the spring and fall. Every day you should inspect your dog carefully (especially under their tail, around the neck/ears/head, under their arms and in the groin area) for ticks and remove any ticks.


1 quart of warm water or herbal infusion of rosemary, mint, lavender, rose, thyme, yarrow or yellow dock

1 teaspoon cold-pressed organic 100% Neem oil

1 teaspoon organic Rose Geranium essential oil

1/4 tsp. Dr. Bronner's soap or other natural, liquid or mild dish-washing soap (non-antibacterial/mild soap)

Shake well to mix properly and shake well before each use. Spray on our dogs every time you enter into a tick infested area; spray daily or more often as needed. Quantity of neem & rose geranium essential oil can be increased proportionately for making spray in larger quantities. Neem oil can be added to any natural or organic pet shampoo to repel ticks and fleas and areas where the pets spend time in can also be treated with Neem oil spray or Neem powder.

For an oil based rub, you may also combine the following:

20 drops organic Rose Geranium essential oil

1 teaspoon cold-pressed organic 100% Neem oil

Two tablespoons organic sweet almond oil

Mix well, store in a glass jar/bottle. Apply by hand by rubbing over your dog's coat.

Suggestion for CATS: you can prepare and use the above blends, but you must OMIT the rose geranium essential oil. This is toxic to cats. Use only the Neem oil and NOT the Rose Geranium essential oil for cats. We sell the organic Neem Oil separately.

Tested, tried and true! Developed by Kasie Maxwell and made with love and care by SFRAW.

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