Heritage Humane Organic Pork Neck Bone, portioned

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These are large super meaty bones that typically do not fit into othe vacuum seal bags. They are sold by the each, individually wrapped in butcher paper. They are about 2-3 lbs each. THEY ARE AWESOME. Super safe, large, meaty, not too soft, not too hard -- complicated enough for every chewer to be satisfied, and just the right "oddball" flat shape to allow for a nice chew session with a low risk for choking. We love these bones! Always supervise feeding your animals at all times. Please, never feed bones unsupervised.

Heritage breeds raised with traditional, sustainable farming methods. Raised outside on pasture or in deeply bedded pens. Only fed a 100% vegetarian diet. Never given hormones or antibiotics – EVER. Raised with Care®. Certified Humane. Raised in the midwest by small family ranchers.

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