Wild CA King Salmon, Whole, Cut & Portioned

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2021 Season & Deep Frozen for safe feeding raw to your animals. Locally caught and absolutely gorgeous!

This was an incredible opportunity for us to bring in this wild local King salmon in volume at an outstanding price point - the usual average price for fish of this caliber and sourcing is $30.00-$35.00 /lb. but we've seen it as high as $68.00-$75.00/lb! THIS IS AN AMAZING DEAL!

HEADS & TAILS are included. However, most bags do not have the head or tail and are just the mid section of the fish cut into pieces, bone-in/skin-on. If you want a head or tail, please specify this in your comments.

The bags with HEADS are LARGE, around 4-5 lbs.

The bags with TAILS are SM/MED, around 1.5-2 lbs.

Wild-caught, Chinook (King) Salmon is the most prized salmon in California, not only because it is incredibly delicious, nutritious, and the largest of the salmon species caught commercially, but also because it is only available fresh during certain weeks of the summer.

Caught hook and line off the shores of Northern California.

Wild salmon is higher in mineral content such as potassium, zinc and iron.

With local King salmon, you’re not only getting to taste this rich, buttery, seasonal delicacy, but you’re also supporting our local economy and supporting a sustainably managed and responsibly harvested fishery.

DEEP FROZEN since being caught and expertly gutted.

OMEGA-3s: Approx. 3,370mg omega-3s per 6-oz serving


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