Free-Range Local Mary's Duck Eggs, by the dozen

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1/2 Dozen Duck EggsMary’s Free-Range Ducks are raised naturally in beautiful Central California. Living in open range areas, Mary’s Ducks are humanely treated while enjoying comfortable weather.

Why Mary’s Duck Eggs?

  • Larger yolks Duck eggs are larger in size, featuring richer, vibrant yellow yolks, with creamy egg whites
  • Nutrition Duck eggs are high in amino acids and valuable minerals. With more vitamins than a chicken egg, duck eggs are a great addition to achieving a well balanced diet.

These eggs come from Mary's in-house duck breeding program. The ducks live in clean, spacious, single story poultry houses with natural light and fresh air and with plenty of room to do what comes naturally to ducks. Because of the risk of Avian Flu infection from wild birds outdoor access for the breeder flock is restricted.

Mary's makes all of their own vegetarian feed.  This feed is antibiotic free and does not contain chicken meal or an other animal byproducts as a source of protein.  Just corn, soy, vitamins and minerals. The breeder program feed is not certified non-GMO or organic at this time.

The eggs themselves are antibiotic free. The breeding drakes and ducks are not guaranteed 100% antibiotic free as they would be responsibly treated as recommended by a vet if the need arises.

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