Garlic PEELED Whole Cloves (ziplock bag with 6 smaller cryopacks)

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California Grown since 1956! Christopher Ranch has nurtured its Monviso garlic heirloom seed line for over half a century to preserve its exceptional flavor. We’ve been farming organically since 1995, to provide you with exceptional organic produce; all of our organic products are CCOF and USDA certified. Our organic freshly peeled whole garlic cloves are air peeled and 100% natural, with no additives or preservatives. Our fresh garlic bulbs and peeled garlic are gluten free. Our jars are not considered allergen or gluten free since we do not have dedicated lines for our jarred products and cannot guarantee that our items have had no contact with allergens or gluten. To freshen breath after eating garlic, chew on a sprig of fresh parsley, a coffee bean, a slice of fresh lemon or lime or breath mints – but time (a day or two) is the only real cure for garlic breath! However, new studies say eating raw apple, lettuce or mint leaves will decrease garlic breath. To remove garlic odor from your hands, rinse with fresh lemon juice or scrub with a bit of salt, toothpaste or dry coffee grounds, then rinse hands with cool water. Or… rub your fingers thoroughly with the bowl of a stainless steel spoon under running water, then wash hands with soap. Can I store garlic in oil? We NEVER recommend storing raw garlic in oil because of the potential for bacteria growth.
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