Regeneratively Raised Wild Foraging Whole Chicken (no gibs), by the each

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SFRAW's WILD CHICKEN is wonderful! These are the very same chickens that we use in our SFRAW Chicken Grinds/Formulas. These are the chickens we eat ourselves. No other chicken can compare.

USDA inspected bulk packs; typically two to a package. You will be charged for the actual weight of the birds that you receive upon final check-out - the amount paid here is an estimated based on the average size.

The ones we use are their "b" birds, which means they might have minor imperfections that do not reduce the quality of safety of the chicken at all, but they might not make the grade cosmetically for that perfect looking whole roasted chicken centerpiece meal or a high-end restaurant's featured dish.   

We are so grateful for being able to use these birds as exclusively in our products. Thank you, Bill & Matt for making our dream a reality when it comes to sourcing chicken raised in this "out of category" regenerative manner. 





Raised on a renovated property modified to be a humane, chicken-focused/soil-focused, fully regenerative system for producing chickens while helping to reverse climate change; vertically integrated 800-acre solar-powered, water conserving, humane focused property located in the "pasture-belt" region of Arkansas, these chickens are unlike anything else you have eaten in the United States.

The taste is spectacular; like no other chicken. If your great grandparents had wild/truly free roaming chickens in the "old country" (the diversity of the land/forage/fauna and richness of the soil being key factors) you might have an idea of the flavor. The nutrition of these birds is outstanding; compositionally superior than other chicken available - even when compared to organic or range-free. Enjoy!

From our producer: ""Let’s talk about breed. Our chickens are a special heirloom breed developed over decades. Our slow-growing birds are healthier than their conventional counterparts. The difference in breed creates the ability for our birds to run, jump and forage through pasture and forest. Their bodies are healthier and able to eat a diverse mix of feed. When you buy our chicken you are not only buying the best quality chicken on the market, you are helping to build a better food supply.  

Our heirloom chickens are pasture raised with care on our 800 acre farm. These slow growth birds live happier and healthier lives.

These very special birds come from an ancestry of breeding heirloom and heritage chickens that have better health and livelihood than conventional chickens. Likewise, because of their pasture access and pedigree, they grow to be stronger, and more flavorful than modern conventional breeds. Order today—the difference is astounding!"

Regenerative agriculture is simpler than it sounds. Put plainly, regenerative farms utilize photosynthesis and healthy soil microbiology to draw down greenhouse gasses and capture them in the soil. This has the potential to reverse global warming and create healthier food and a healthier planet, while also feeding a growing population. We utilize four critical components of regenerative food systems – ruminants, monogastrics, feed crops, and vegetables – to do exactly that. We build better communities through farming, and grow tastier food by applying sound science and lots of practice. Vote with your dollar: buy regeneratively grown food to build a food system that will save the planet.


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