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WOP Duck EA Wings Flats

WOP Duck EA Wings Flats

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Ranging our 3,200-acre farm, our poultry species live outdoors day and night, exactly the way they evolved. From the 1950's until 2010, White Oak Pastures had become a monoculture of cattle. We slowly realized that nature abhors a monoculture just as it does a vacuum. The land needs poultry, as do our customers. We now raise 5 types of poultry: chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, and guineas. Using their strong feet and beaks, birds disturb the soil, allowing better water absorption and nutrient dispersion. At White Oak Pastures, birds fertilize the land with their manure, while the land provides seeds, plants bugs, and grubs as a supplement to the non-GMO feed we provide them. It's a symbiotic relationship where each one benefits because of the other.

The location of White Oak Pastures, in Southwest Georgia, offers many advantages for raising livestock on pasture: climate, soil & culture. Bluffton rarely sees snow and our pastures are green and growing for 52 weeks each year. We get 54 inches of rain per year, and it comes consistently throughout the year, instead of having a monsoon season and a dry season. Along with the optimal environment comes a rural, agriculturally rich heritage. We enjoy a centuries-old culture of natural livestock production here and the soil on our farm is a pebbly loam, as opposed to the deep sand that is prevalent in most of the coastal plain. There really is no better place on earth to raise livestock on pastures.

While we have always considered ourselves to be herdsmen and land stewards, over the past 25 years we have focused on humane animal impact and how it benefits our soil. White Oak Pastures is one of a small number of Global Holistic Land Management Hubs. We study, practice, and teach the Savory Institute Land Management Protocol. This organization is recognized globally for its research using animals to restore grasslands. Restoring our grasslands has several benefits, some of which include sequestering carbon, rebuilding healthy soil structure, reversing climate change, and preventing erosion.

We feed the microbes that feed the soil, that feed the plants, that feeds the animals. It is a Biomimicry. Our emulation of how the earth evolved. Birth - Growth - Death - Decay - Life

Our ducks are Certified Non-GMO and EOV (Ecological Outcome Verified) in the Land2Market program.

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