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Meat = Boneless Muscle Meat. When planning a home-prepared diet for your animals, we recommend that the diet be comprised of predominantly muscle meat.

Our suggested amount is to build your diet using 70-80% muscle meat, 10% consumable bone + 10-20% organs, of which 5-10% is liver.

Alternatively, you may choose to feed a diet of 70% muscle meat + 10% seafood for EFAs/Omega-3s. We strongly advocate for the use of contaminant-free/low-mercury seafood (whole small fish, wild salmon, mussels, oysters, etc.) in place of fish oil supplements. 

We have included boneless seafood cuts in this section for those that must prepare a seafood based diet for health/medical reasons (food allergies, intolerance) but these can also be used to supplement the diet for additional Omega-3.

If you choose to supplement with pureed, fermented or cooked veggies + fresh herbs and/or supplemental nutritious seasonal foods such as dairy and/or eggs, deduct the % of these ingredients from the muscle meat % of the diet. We recommend that these healthful additions be added to the diet at no more than 10-12% of the total diet.