SFRAW Healthy Powder w/ Bone Meal

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Multi-vitamin-mineral whole-foods supplement. A significant source of calcium; this calcium balancer for balancing the Calcium:Phosphorous ratio in your pet’s meat-based meals. DO NOT USE when feeding ground or whole consumable raw, meaty bones as a significant part of the diet; or a nutritionally balanced commercial food. INGREDIENTS: Organic Raw Carob Powder; Great Lakes Unflavored Bovine Gelatin; Organic Psyllium Husk Powder; Organic Kelp, Organic Dulse, Organic Spirulina; NOW Brand Bone Meal, Organic, Raw Whole Superfruit Blend (source of Vitamin C). HANDLING: PERISHABLE. Please store in a cool, dark, dry place; freezer is ideal. FEEDING: ½ Tbs. per pound of food (2X during periods when extra nutrients are needed) We suggest combining with our Seasonal Herbs + RED GOLD supplements for best results. Individuals may experience negative or allergic reactions to any product. Should this happen, discontinue use. Never irradiated, pasturized, HPP-ed. Ingredients sourced to the highest possible standards for quality and safety. Please store properly and use or freeze within three months of pack date.

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