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Green Lipped Mussels NZ 2.2 lb box, by the lb

Green Lipped Mussels NZ 2.2 lb box, by the lb


Product Description

These 2.2 lb boxes contain mussel meat that is easy to pick out piece-by-piece to feed (or cook and eat!) Feed 1-3 each day to your dog to enjoy the many unique health benefits of this beneficial food used to promote healthy joints, ligaments, immune function and skin/coat.  

We're working with our supplier to move this particular product because they are just not as pretty and colorful as the GLM that we got previously in bulk format. Once we move through this (being offered to you at a massive below cost discount) we will be bringing on a new supplier/product that will be even higher in quality, but the pricing will not be the same. 

Some of you may remember we carried GLM meat *years ago* and sold many cases bulk each week - hugely popular - until experiencing an interruption/termination in our supply. Ever since, I have struggled and searched far & wide to procure a RAW frozen meat source. Well, after years of researching, I learned a lot about GLM harvesting, processing, and the world-wide supply chain of this popular food and beneficial supplement. Here are just a few things that I have learned:
1) the highest quality GLMs are raised sustainably in a well-managed natural aquaculture environment from the only place on earth where they are a native species, New Zealand 
2) ALL *non-living* GLM products are *required* to be blanched before export from NZ  (this was after a listeria scare that had a huge impact on this key export product for this country)
3) they are either hand harvested or harvested by a variety of different mechanical and modern methods (as this product is) where they are processed at low-temperature heat (not high-heat pasteurized, but it is considered a form of gentle pasteurization) to maintain product integrity. GLM meat is not usually HPPed and may/may not be irradiated.
3) while this GLM product has a sodium content (over 100mg/serving) that would indicate that they have been "enhanced" with a sodium solution/flavorings, this level of sodium is naturally occurring. This sodium amount is present, in similar/various amounts, in all *non-living* GLM products found in the marketplace; from frozen in shell to powdered supplements. Given the current research, IMO, the health benefits of adding just 1-3 GLMs to your dog's diet as a dietary supplement outweighs the risk of naturally occurring sodium levels found in the frozen meat products.
4) a whole lot of "NZ" GLM is not raised/harvested/processed in NZ or passes through other countries along it's way to the US. The GLM species may have been raised in countries other than NZ and may pass through other countries, including China. Non-NZ sourced/processed/exported & distributed GLM products should not be used or trusted for your animals. It is important to seek out genuine NZ raised, harvested, processed & exported directly to the US, GLM products to ensure you're buying a safe product and paying for the "real deal".
5) If you find "raw" NZ GLM meat for sale elsewhere, the seller is either simply unaware of the origins/processing methods required by export laws for this product (it is all blanched, not truly raw - yes, this was my misunderstanding previously!), or it was not raised/processed/exported directly from NZ and in this case, buyer beware - it is simply not worth the risk to feed our animals, IMO.

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