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Goose, Whole with Gibs, Frozen - by the lb (size varies)

Goose, Whole with Gibs, Frozen - by the lb (size varies)

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Whetstone Valley Young Goose (approx. 8-10-lbs. each). Since 1944, our Whetstone Valley Young Geese are: USDA Inspected, Grade A Geese; Free Range and All Natural. As an added bonus, a goose renders plenty of fat - or as some say - liquid gold that is perfect to save for roasting potatoes. Simply use a rack to cook your goose, so you're left with lean meat and delicious fat for later. A wonderful, "cooling" novel protein meal for any raw fed dog/cat. Includes gibs. Before modern herbicides, geese were used to control grasses since they did not eat certain crops. In the late 1940's, the geese went to the cotton fields of Texas and California, the strawberry beds of Michigan and the asparagus and mint fields of Washington. These farmers found geese to be economical and effective labor to weed the fields, as the geese literally worked for food. Herbicides replaced the weeder geese in the 1960's, but by that time Schiltz had developed the genetic lines for meat production. Schiltz established and registered a distinct breed of goose with the Dept. of Agriculture, Schiltz Line 306. throughout their life on the farm, the geese receive feed that is prepared with the help of a professional nutritionist; the diet consists mainly of corn and soybean meal mixed with vitamins and minerals, along with greens (seeded lots and fresh-cut) which they enjoy immensely. Their water, feed, grit and hay are free choice (we do not, nor ever will, force-feed our geese). Geese need and enjoy fiber (grasses, hay, etc.) after their early gosling days (the gizzard must develop enough to grind the fibers) so we provide them with these roughage's by planting their lots in the fall/spring and turning them out as the plots and geese both mature; feed them the hay we harvest, as they truly enjoy good alfalfa; and we put fiber in their feed for a nicely balanced goose diet. Free range geese are cage-free; they start their lives in straw bedded barns. When they're old enough to walk back into the barn fast enough to not get caught in a fast approaching thunderstorm, they are given the choice of being outside or inside, weather permitting (hard rains, hail and snow are indoor days!) The outside lots offer them approximately 25 sq. ft. per bird, then when they are around 45 days old they get 60 or more sq. ft. per goose. By 8 weeks old they have about 120 sq. ft. per goose with free access to the outdoors. Their water, feed, grit and hay are free choice. No hormones are used in goose production. Sub-therapeutic antibiotics are never given.

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