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Emmer & Co. Heritage Ground Chicken, 1-lb packs

Emmer & Co. Heritage Ground Chicken, 1-lb packs

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DID YOU KNOW? Enhanced meats are unfit to feed dogs/cats. Enhanced poultry vs Unenhanced (no flavors or sodium solutions added).

For over 15 years, I have been on the hunt to source/find a retail ready, good quality, UNENHANCED plain ground chicken (=100% plain ground chicken, nothing added). BUT unless you buy unenhanced whole chicken breast, thigh meat, etc and grind yourself at home, or have your local butcher grind these cuts FRESH for you, nearly ALL of the ground chicken that you buy in stores or specialty shops has been "enhanced"!  This makes it unsafe/unfit to feed our dogs & cats!

Enhanced meats have additives that can make your animals sick. Any product with over 70-100 mg sodium on the label should be avoided. Look for the fine print that will mention "natural flavor" "sodium solution", etc. #enhancedchicken #enhancedpoultry#enhancedmeat has added sodium, sodium solution/water used to plump it up/pump up the flavor/moisture, and/or "natural" flavors added. Yes, even certified organic poultry is typically enhanced.

So, you can imagine my excitement when our favorite HERITAGE TRULY PASTURE-RAISED "WILD" chicken producer offered to produce a fully inspected/certified, locally processed with their very own staff/oversight ensuring 100% exclusive product of just plain ground chicken from their incredible #wildchickens -- totally, completely unenhanced!!!! AND, THE PRICE IS JUST INSANE!! Omg!!!

Get it while you can. I promise you, this is THE BEST, highest quality, truly natural, ground chicken that you or your beloved animals will ever buy/consume. Enjoy!!

Limited quantity, this was a special run for us. Won't last forever! 

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