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CLARAVALE Raw Whole Milk Qt

CLARAVALE Raw Whole Milk Qt

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Raw milk is unique in that it is the only significant source of a complete food in our diet that is not processed in some form before being eaten.* For instance, the enzymes are all available, whereas in pasteurized milk, less than 10% remain. What this means, is that your body can more readily utilize all of the nutrition that is available in this milk. That's good for you, and it's great for your kids! The protein is 100% available, all 22 amino acids, including 8 that are essential. All 18 fatty acids are metabolically available. These are altered by heat in the pasteurization process. Vitamins are all 100% available, and in pasteurized milk they are significantly altered. Minerals are all 100% metabolically available. Calcium is altered by the heat of pasteurization and the loss can be as much as 50% or more.

Claravale Farm is licensed by the State of California to produce raw milk and we are regularly inspected by the California Department of Food and Agriculture for milk quality, cleanliness and pathogens. Our partnership with the State really helps to produce a clean, quality and healthy product.


Natural, unprocessed milk has a delicate flavor and, if improperly handled, can readily pick up foreign flavors from the environment. Milk in waxed or plastic containers can taste like the packaging. Glass has traditionally been used to package milk because it preserves its flavor and freshness. Also, reusable glass bottles are good for the environment because they never have to go to the landfill.

We feed our cows and goats a combination of organic hay and non-GMO grain. They are on pasture that has been fallow for decades. 

  • We do not use pesticides or antibiotics on the milking herds.
  • We do not use any GMO feeds or products.
  • We do not use bovine growth hormone or any other substances to increase milk production artificially.
  • We do not use chemical fertilizers or herbicides.
  • We do not bottle milk from any dairy other than our own.

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