A la Carte Grinds

A LA CARTE GRINDS: We offer several excellent time-saver and "supplemental", a la carte style grinds for DIY raw feeding and home-prepared menus. These are NOT balanced options, and absolutely must be incorporated into your own DIY menu and meals, as directed or advised.

These are an excellent whole food source of EFAs (essential fatty acids: Omega-3s). When feeding whole fish is not an option or if you prefer to mix-in a ground seafood rather than use EFA oil supplements. We think supplements are never as good as real, fresh, whole food when available -- and EFA supplements are problematic for many reasons, so we recommend feeding whole fish and seafood, or using our grinds instead of EFA fish oils or caps. Use our seafood grinds in place of EFA/fish oil up to 10% of the diet.

NOTE: We do not recommend seafood for cats, only for dogs. We do not recommend seafood for dogs with urinary tract imbalances, or with a history of stone formation, crystals, urinary incontinence or urinary tract infections.

SEAFOOD MEDLEY (a mix of various fish fillets, occasional small amount of bone included)
SALMON GRIND (100% ground boneless wild salmon fillets)
WHITEFISH GRIND (100% ground boneless wild flounder fillets)

FEEDING: Intended for supplemental or occasional feeding only. Feed up to 10% of the total diet.

GROUND OFFAL BLENDS Nutritious blends made of 100% Offal/Organs that can be used in any DIY Raw Menu to provide necessary offal/organs or to boost the vitamin/mineral-rich organ/offal content of any SFRAW Grind/Formula for dogs and cats that do better with a higher % of offal/organs in the diet. Also may be dehydrated, baked or frozen at home in creative ways to make nutritious high-value treats and snacks! Offal/organs are a safe, rich, species appropriate source of bioavailable, digestible, easy to metabolize and absorb nutrition when compared to the format of vitamins and minerals provided in plant sources and dietary supplements. Offal/organs are your companion carnivore's ideal and best, safest source of supplemental vitamin/minerals. 

This is a supplemental food intended for DIY menu plans or to boost the vitamin/mineral rich organ content in any meal. This could also be used to make some pretty ridiculously high value treats!

GROUND CHICKEN OFFAL/ORGANS (blend of chicken heart, gizzards, liver)

GROUND DUCK OFFAL/ORGANS (blend of duck heart, gizzards, liver)

GROUND TURKEY OFFAL/ORGANS (blend of turkey heart, gizzards, liver)

GROUND BEEF OFFAL/ORGANS (blend of beef heart/tongue, kidney, spleen, liver)

GROUND LAMB OFFAL/ORGANS WITH 10% LAMB GREEN TRIPE (blend of lamb green tripe, heart/tongue, kidney, spleen, liver)

GROUND PORK OFFAL/ORGANS (blend of pork heart/tongue, kidney, spleen, liver) 

FEEDING: As is true with all nutrient dense organs, overfeeding will result in loose and/or darker stool. Intended for supplemental or intermittent feeding. NOT A COMPLETE DIET. Use as the OFFAL/ORGAN component. Combine this with 30-50% muscle meat + 10% meaty bone/calcium + supplemental foods. May be used to increase the ORGAN in your pet's menu. Cats, in particular, sometimes do better with a little extra offal/organs in their diet/menu program just don't go overboard! Serve raw or cooked. 

A safer way to add whole raw bone to balance DIY meals of meat/offal, etc. for dogs that are not good candidates for eating whole raw meaty bones. These are NOT COMPLETE Grinds or Formulas - they are meant to provide the calcium component of your diet and are made using 100% raw meaty bones only. To be mixed at home with meat/offal, as directed. These are a chunkier grind and may not be suitable for tiny dogs or cats.

GROUND CHICKEN CARCASS/BACK BONES (ESTIMATED: 44% Bone, 56% Meat,  1.33 g Calcium per 100 grams)


GROUND TURKEY SKNLS NECK BONES (ESTIMATED:45% Bone, 55% Meat, 1.84 g Calcium per 100 grams)


FEEDING: Intended for supplemental or occasional feeding only. Feed up to 50% of the diet.

HOW TO DETERMINE THE CORRECT AMOUNT OF GROUND BONES TO INCLUDE IN THE DIET:  On average, most dogs do best with this ingredient added at a ratio of about 25-30% of a SFRAW GRIND/FORMULA Menu. However, just how much you add of the ground bone will be determined by the other ingredients and foods that you are feeding as part of the overall diet. We recommend regularly inspecting your dog's stool quality to determine the proper balance of ca:ph in the diet, and to help you determine how much ground raw meaty bone you need to add to the diet for your individual dog. Increase from a bare minimum of 10% up to 50%; the more bone grind you add, the firmer the stool should become.

Every body metabolizes nutrients and foods differently, so the amount you need to add of raw ground bone (which is a natural whole food product with variability, and is not standardized) in the diet will be determined on an individual basis. If you have questions about how to balance your animals' food, please, never hesitate to ask us for guidance! We are here to support you and ensure that you are feeding your dogs and cats correctly and as safely as possible when preparing their meals at home.

HANDLING: KEEP FROZEN UNTIL USE. Defrost under 40 degrees (do not use oven or microwave); feed or refreeze within 2 days.